So I have a relative.  Let's is he related?  He's my niece, Jessica's, husband....Sean says that makes him my...NEPHEW!   (duhhhhhhhhhhh!  Why didn't I think of that? ) Anyway, I need to brag here, and it's my blog so I can.

OK, ladies first.  My beautiful niece Jessica Lorenz  is expecting a baby in April, so I should start there!  Very happy for both of them.  Also, she is a talented actress who has actually written  her  own one-woman play and has performed it many times off Broadway.  How amazing is that? 

 Now onto my..nephew. Yea, that's it!  Our nephew Eric Lorenz.  What does he have to do with the attached picture of Mr Buscemi from HBO's Boardwalk Empire?     Well, the show is now up for 3 Golden Globe Awards.  The show is produced by Martin Scorcese.   And that's all well and good, but let's give some credit to the people in the trenches  Eric is one of the film editors on the show!  Yes, he slaves over a hot computer monitor day and nite to make the show watchable.  And does he get any props?    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!In fact, he's listed on the credits at the end of each episode, but you'd have to be really caffeinated to catch the name going by.

So we would like to present him with the Golden "SEAN AND RICHIE UNSUNG HERO" Award. 

Hopefully he will have an Empire of his own someday, with his name at the BEGINNING of the show where it rightfully belongs!   (Move over Scorcese and Buscemi!!!!)                          ( end of bragging.  We now return you to our regularly scheduled blogs...)