I want some of this stuff, and I want it really fast.  It's FRASS. 

What is FRASS?  It's fake grass!  It's actually for a very serious reason – it's for the terrible California drought.     According to Newser.com, live grass requires  over 50 gallons of water a year for every square foot, this just might be the way to go financially and enviornmentally

Here's what it can look like, in case you are skeptical

It looks like the fake squares you can buy that simulate a cheapo putting green.  They've had fake grass for years.  Some environmentalists are worried that it might affect the waste stream because of what it's made from (plastic? ).

Others think it's just tacky.  Still others say it can get extremely hot to walk on.  I say - BRING IT ON!.  My grass looks horrible this year.  I'd love to buy big rolls of it and just lay it down tonite and be done with it.

Let's face it.  We have a water problem here as well.  I see "do not burn" notices all over the area.  We may be next for FRASS.

.  Will YOU buy it?



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