You ever hear a noise when you're alone at night and think it may be someone in the house? Usually, it's not, except in the case of this woman in Mechanicville whose sleeping stranger is still loose!

Around 9:30pm on Saturday night, an elderly woman on Saratoga Avenue in Mechanicville found a man asleep in her spare room, according to the Times Union. The worst part is that the man, after realizing he'd been discovered, left quickly by jumping on a bike and riding away.

Luckily, the woman is okay, now safe, and none of her belongings were stolen. Police brought the K9 unit around the property but to no luck. The woman described the man as white with dark hair, wearing a "dark hat and light-colored sweatshirt." Police haven't yet released how he got in the home in the first place.

Thank goodness it seemed as if he was only there to get a good night's sleep and not to harm the woman in any way. Could you imagine, though, going into your spare room or looking in your living room one night seeing a stranger sleeping?

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