This is a big issue in the city of Albany.  I wanted to know what you Albanians (and others) feel about this...

According to the, the city of Albany is going to have to shell out around $60,000 to fund the St. Patrick's Day Parade this year.  I think you also know that Albany is not doing too well financially (what city is?).

Mayor Sheehan has requested that the organizers chip in to pay some of the expenses.  The Common Council doesn't see it that way.  They feel that they can find money buried in the budget that was onced used to fund a salary of someone no longer working there.

So here's the poll, should you care to take part.  Would love to know your view on this (and you don't have to be Irish to answer, but I'm sure it might sway the vote if you are!)  Should the parade organizers pay up or should the city find a way?  Take the poll below.  It's a simple one question survey.


St Patrick's Day Parade Marches Up New York's Fifth Avenue
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