It's "sensitive issue" time.  We touched on it on the Sean and Richie Show Thursday morning.  What's worse - letting your 7 year old child stay at an unhealthy weight (chunky but happy!), or becoming harping on their every move to get them in better shape and dropping the extra weight.

This mother, Dara-Lynn Weiss had this same dilemma, but she chose to come down hard on her kid.  She then wrote an article about it in Vogue Magazine, and a book is coming out too.  The article alone got a huge response, and I don't mean positive.  Take a look at her interview from the  Today Show website.


We covered this on the show, and the responses were pretty mixed, although many felt that she would cause the child more psychological damage than good.  How do you feel? Would you put someone THAT young on a strict regimen like that?  Have you ever tried it?

Would love to get your comments.  Leave them below.

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