If you're a parent with a pool, this has to be your worst nightmare.  It only takes a split second for an adult to lose track of a kid, only to realize there's a chance they may have slipped into the pool.

That's what happened recently in Warren County, but thankfully, a fast acting Sergeant with the New York State Police was quick to the respond during this harrowing moment when every precious second mattered.

On the The New York State Police Facebook page, details were a bit vague, but the message certainly got out regarding the heroics of Sgt. Douglas Wildermuth.

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"...(Wildermuth) helped save a two-year-old after the little boy fell into a backyard pool. Sgt. Wildermuth performed rescue breaths on the child and was able to get him breathing again before he was turned over to the care of West Glens Falls EMS. The little boy is doing well and is back home with his family." -NYSP Facebook 

Sergeant Douglas Wildermuth has been a member of the New York State Police for two decades and in that time, he's probably seen a thing or two.   Shout out to all of our law enforcement who put the uniform on every day not knowing what the day will bring, yet are mentally and physically prepapared to handle just about anything thrown their way.

I'm sure of you ask Sgt. Douglas Wildermuth about his recent life-saving heroics, he'd tell you that he was "just doing his job." 

But the Queensbury native did much more than that.  He not only saved the life of a drowning two-year-old boy, but he invariably spared that little boy's family a lifetime of anguish, heartache and despair; the kind of horror that no one would wish on any parents. 

Well done Sergeant!

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