The one and only Toby Keith will be at SPAC this Sunday and I started to wonder just how many people are as excited as I am. If I'm being honest we have not heard as much new music from Toby in quite a while. While that is about to change with him having just released a new song, still I wonder if the old saying "out of sight, out of mind" applies here, I sure hope not. This guy has released 17 albums since 1993 with 21 number 1 hits and another 21 top tens. Crazy!

So that got me thinking what are MY favorite Toby songs. The truth is narrowing down a library like Toby's to just 5 songs is impossible but I figured I'd take a quick look through that library and if something popped. It was a good time!

I have to tell you my list will probably be a little different than yours because lets face it I'm a little older and have been in country music as long as Toby himself. I do really love the older songs and his ability to bring a message to life. I will put this list up against most though and argue the merit. So take a listen to mine and let me know your favorite Toby song.

5. Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You?

4. Wish I Didn't Know Now

3. How Do You Like Me Now?

2. My List

1. I'm So Happy



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