[UPDATED] We have a winner - see who guessed it and who it was after the jump. 

When I was a kid one of my favorite things was the "mystery photo" that we would get in what I think was our "Scholastic Magazine". This got me thinking why not have our own mystery photo contest right here at WGNA.COM!

This is how it will work, take a look at the photo below and tell me who, what or where it is. It could be a person, an object or a location that is cleverly cropped or blown up to make it harder to guess. Then when you are ready to guess, just put your guess in the "COMMENTS" section at the bottom of this page.

The first correct guess will win. I will reveal the answer to everyone right back here on this page tomorrow at 9:00am.

OK, with all that said I think i have a pretty easy one for us to start with today. Today our prize will be a $25.00 gift card for iTunes. Here is your mystery photo, good luck!


And the correct answer is ALAN JACKSON.

And Norleen got it right. Great job!