Here's a cool idea to increase takeout in the city of Troy. Someone came up with a bingo game so that you can get food from locations all over the city, win prizes, and support your local restaurants. According to News Channel 13, you can either download or pick-up a bingo card with various Troy restaurants on it. Then when you get takeout, you can ask for a bingo piece to be included with your order. You fill up the board with the pieces, get bingo, and win something.

Troy Takeout Bingo came alive on social media tagging people and places to participate. The owners of the Franklin Alley Social Club came up with the idea during these uncertain times in a way to give added incentive to order takeout in Troy.

There are twenty-four restaurants and bars on this bingo card including Muddaddy Flats, Slidin Dirty, the Ruck, and more. There are prizes throughout and a grand prize if you cover the board. There are also plans to make a second board with even more businesses. You can get your board HERE.

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