Yesterday I posted this as my Facebook status: " OK my friends.. I need to get a count here. If your answer is yes, just click the "like" button. If I told you I needed your help and I asked you to send me a check for 20 dollars... could I count on you?" So far, about 108 people have said yes, they would indeed be there for me. The problem is, I need a thousand people to step up and send in that check. So I have come up with what I am calling the "20/11 in 2011 Club". I want YOU to be a member!


As you know, for the last twelve  years or so, we have been raising money for local kids at Christmastime. It seems every year it is harder and harder to reach our goals. "Pennies from Heaven" raises money for eleven  different local kids charities. When it comes time to gather the wonderful people from these charities and distribute the checks, I really feel like we have failed if we cant hand each of them at least $2000. To do that we need to raise at least $22,000.

This year is already looking like this goal is going to be impossible to reach and that is why I am creating the "20/11 in 2011 Club". It occurred to me that if we could just get 1000 people to donate $20.00 we can reach our goals and make some deserving children very happy this Christmas.

All I need from you , is a check for $20.00.  I want, no I need you to become a member of the "20/11 in 2011 Club" Just make it out to "Pennies From Heaven" and mail it to 1241 Kings Road, Schenectady N.Y. 12303.


This charity is very , very important and personal for me, if you do not know how it began, there is a little boy who inspired me to do this every year. I think it is a great story worth sharing with your friends, you can read about it in my blog from last year called, "Pennies From Heaven"

Please take the time to read the story and share it with your friends and family. We NEED 1000 people to be inspired and make this Christmas a special Christmas for the children or our friends, family and neighbors. Thank you , so much in advance for your donation and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

God Bless

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