There has been a lot of back of forth about when disposable plastic bags would eventually stop being offered at local supermarkets.

For Price Chopper and Market 32 stores, the time for them to disappear is this weekend. According to a CBS 6 story, the supermarket chain will no longer be offering the disposable bags starting this Saturday, August 1st. The New York plastic bag ban went into effect earlier this year in an effort to reduce waste, but after the state delayed enforcing the bag ban many stores held off on moving on from the bags during the pandemic. CBS 6 says as the plastic bags are phased out, reusable bags can once again be used and paper bags will be available for purchase at 5 cents each.

So if you are heading to Price Chopper or Market 32 to shop this weekend, bring your reusable bags or be prepared to pay for paper ones. Either way you go, it looks like the plastic shopping bags are well on there way to being phased out. Which is a good thing - we can certainly survive lugging our groceries around in reusable bags to help the environment and paper will always be available when you are in a pinch.

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