Some area supermarkets started testing people for coronavirus antibodies on Sunday and while people wait for testing results, there were certainly mixed reviews regarding the actual 'testing process'.  Tests are free and lines were long, and while some witnesses say most people kept a safe distance and wore masks, others claim they saw and experienced something much different.

According to CBS 6 News,  participants provided blood samples at Price Chopper/Market 32 stores in the Capital Region for antibody testing. The sites randomly selected were the Price Chopper stores on Eastern Parkway in Schenectady and Kendall Way in Malta.

No appointments are needed and all social distancing rules were to be in full effect while people waited to be tested inside the store.  Some told CB6 News reporters that they waited up to two hours to get tested, and that everyone was mostly distanced and respectful.

This is all part of New York States initiative to get a more accurate number of people who may have actually had the coronavirus.   Fears are that the number of cases could be significantly higher than reported as some people may have little or no symptoms.

Various social media platforms have resulted in people voicing their displeasure for the  testing which is happening inside grocery stores. On the CBS 6 Facebook page, a litany of confused and angry citizens voiced their concerns:

Abby Christine wrote : "It's really upsetting to see this in a grocery store when we aren't supposed to have so many people in stores. It's one thing to go there because it is part of your routine and another to just draw people there with something like this. Plus, people who aren't too smart won't understand what an antibody test is and will go there sick. PLEASE STOP THIS IRRESPONSIBLE MADNESS!"

Alicia Czerwinski wrote : "Why are blood draws being done where food is sold and during a highly infectious pandemic?"

Alicia Valentino Rice wrote:  "There was a huge line at Malta Price Chopper. Social distancing guidelines were out the window"

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