Here's yet another example of kids never getting enough credit for the good things they do.  We can't let this go without mentioning it.


Scotia Glenville Pipe Band is the Northeast's premier Juvenile Pipe Band


This isn't just a good pipe band, this is considered the Northeast's creme of the crop.  It's the Scotia Glenville Pipe Band. This group, a grade 3 band will be heading to Scotland.  They range in age from 13-18 and they are a mixture of local kids from Latham, Albany and Glens Falls as well as  "out of towners".

On August 1st they are off to Scotland to compete in 3 different competitions. 

The members of the Grade 4 band will be heading to Scotland on August 1 to compete in 3 major competitions.


One of them will be the WORLD PIPE BAND CHAMPIONSHIPS in Glasgow, Scotland!

What makes this very interesting and even more notable is that they will be competing against adults.  They are the only kids' band competing.
We on the Sean and Richie Show would like to wish Ally Duncan and the rest a very safe, fun and successful trip