The coronavirus is affecting so many local businesses so much so that some are not recovering, like Cornell's in Schenectady.

Cornell's Restaurant in Little Italy, Schenectady was founded in 1943 by Nicholas and Pasqualina Cornell on Van Vranken Ave, according to the Daily Gazette. Then, in 2003, it moved to its current location in Little Italy before being sold to new owners in 2011. It's been a staple of Schenectady Italian food for decades and now, because of the hardships of the coronavirus, it will be closing for good.

The restrictions on the restaurant having dine-in service and forced to focus on delivery and take-out became an "insurmountable hurdle" and it was the last straw for the restaurant. The current owners are hoping to sell the restaurant with everything intact so that another restaurant can take its place.

Cornell's Restaurant was one of the big names in Schenectady when it comes to Italian restaurants. There are some great Italian places in this area but Cornell's was one of the longest standing of them. This will definitely be a hole in the heart of Schenectady and we can only hope something equally delicious will take its place.

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