Valentine's Day tends to be marketed to couples but these Schenectady students turned their focus to another group of people yesterday.

The cards, the messages, even the conversation hearts are all usually for one person to give it to their significant other. Sure, I showed up at my Mom's yesterday too with a Valentine's Day Shamrock Shake but it's mostly for couples to show appreciation for each other. These Schenectady students, though, decided to give attention to another group of people who have done more for us that we could ever dream.

Every year, Assemblyman Santabarbara hosts his Valentines for Vets program, according to News10. He started the program so that it gave students another opportunity to not only appreciate our vets but learn about their service as well. Students from Schenectady's Pleasant Valley School presented handmade cards to local veterans at the ceremony. Not only did veterans who came to the event receive cards but hundreds more were made, including Thank You Cards, for veterans who are staying at the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center.

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