Does anyone actually know the address that Santa Claus lives at? Because of how elusive Saint Nick is, Schenectady receives thousands of letters meant for him.

Kids really should be given a lot of credit for this being how clever it is. When writing out the address for Santa Claus you then realize. Hmmm, what is the address? So kids being kids would assume its something uncommon. A zip code is what sends all of their letters addressed to Santa to Schenectady. A zip code of 12345.

12345 is the zip code for for the General Electric campus in the Electric City. So in the Christmas season their mail room must literally be flooded with not only normal mail but kids wish lists and testaments to how good they were all year round. It's actually very cute when you think about it. But that's not all.

Last year and I would assume this year. Many of workers at the GE plant donate their lunch hours to respond to the letters. That is a massive thing to do but so heart warming as well and the employees who take part have been doing such for years. More info is below..

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