Schenectady was trending over the weekend and I'm so proud of my city and the police department for the reason why.

The news that comes out of Schenectady is sometimes not the most favorable. Schenectady has a bad reputation but it's my hometown and I'm proud of being from there, proud of the developments, and proud of the people who keep it moving in the right direction - like our police department.

The recent news trending from my hometown put such a smile on my face, I had to share it. The Schenectady Police Department had been following the Facebook page "Traveling with Tori." It's been following an 8-year-old girl who recently moved to the Capital Region to fight her rare illness.

Victoria Gunter, according to the Daily Gazette, wants to be a police officer when she gets older. They started by sending her a patch from their station and invited her in for a tour. She didn't turn that down! She not only got to see the cars and the station but explained to the officers how some of them worked without their help.

She even brought them gift bags with things in it that represented who they are and what they do. Hopefully, when Tori becomes a police officer when she's older, she'll decide to help us here in Schenectady County.

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