I grew up in Schenectady and even bought my house in Schenectady. I always appreciate what the Schenectady Police Department does to protect our city. They posted what they're doing this month and it's bringing great awareness to such an amazing cause.

The Schenectady Police Department posted on their Facebook this week that they're doing something different for the month of October. In case you didn't already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Schenectady PD is bringing it upon themselves to not only bring awareness to the disease but raise money doing it.

According to the Facebook post, "in honor of all those who have fought and are fighting this disease," the department has decided to offer new pink patches to the officers. The post goes on to say that soon officers will be able to wear these patches on their left sleeve to show support and may continue to do so throughout the year.

In addition to the patches, the Schenectady Police Department is using this as a way to raise money as well. Each officer must donate $10 to get the patch. That money will go to the Public Safety Foundation and then on to a cancer services organization. Eventually, these patches will be available to the public periodically (similar to their green patches for Lymphoma Awareness last month) and can be purchased at the department.

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