The final rounds of the talent competition are underway and tomorrow night you can see one of the Capital Region's own in an appearance that defies the odds.

Ezra Masse-Mahar, a 2008 graduate of Schenectady High School, will be dancing with the Diavolo Dancing Company on the talent competition set to air tomorrow night at 8pm on NBC according to The Daily Gazette. The article describes the dance group as ' innovative dance company that incorporates intricate structures and almost every style of dance into what they call Architecture in Motion.'

The newspaper also spoke with Ezra, and his backstory is pretty amazing. He told the Gazette 7 years ago after breaking both his feet and ankles in an accident he was told he would not be able to walk normally again, so getting back to this point is '...pretty satisfying.'

If you want a little preview of what you will see tomorrow night on the show, check out the video below. I am not a big dance guy, but I do know this - all these moves look super challenging and are physical feats I could never acheive. Ya gotta respect that. Remember to show some support for one of the Capital Region's own tomorrow night!


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