Brian, Chrissy & I got to broadcast live from the Great Escape last week and had the amazing opportunity to test out the new virtual reality attachment to the Sasquatch ride. You're welcome, Brian & I saved the world.

Great Escape did a similar change when they added virtual reality (VR) to the Steamin Demon last season. This year, it's Sasquatch's turn. The theme of the VR for this ride is Acrophobia, except it adds a bit of aracnophobia too! Once you put on the VR glasses, you're transported into a new world where you not only know how to drive a helicopter-type machine but has been taken over by huge Black Widow spiders.

It's up to you and your machine gun to protect the city from Black Widows and other annoying flying bugs. By pushing a button on the side of your helmet, you activate the gun and acumulate points based on each shot. Thankfully, there were GoPros set up for Brian and my mission so you get a chance to see what it was like first-hand.

Enjoy, but careful, there is visuals from the actual ride and therefore may spoil the storyline for your future experience.

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