When my Dad showed me this receipt his friend sent him, I was in disbelief.

We live in a world of $5 foot longs and dollar menus where we expect certain things to be included.

When you order a sandwich, what do you expect to be on it? Do you expect the items you just thought of to cost you extra or the cost that it states on the menu board?

What if I told you lettuce was going to cost you more? You want onions? Be ready to pay up. Olive oil on the Italian mix? Cha-ching!

Every single item on this guys sandwich cost him a little bit more and listen, I could understand if he was asking for bacon - but, tomatoes? Are we serious?

What do you think of this? Oh and by the way, the $20 sandwich wasn't even good after all of this.

Saratoga Sandwich Shop Overpriced credit: Dennis
Saratoga Sandwich Shop Overpriced credit: Dennis

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