Opening Day of the racing season at the Saratoga Race Course is this Friday. If you are one of many who make it a point to get to the track this season and have a bite to eat while you are there, you will save some cash that you can possibly use towards the ponies.

According to WNYT, beer prices will be cut in half. There will be about a $1 decrease in the price of lemonade and popcorn and there will be a $5 value meal that includes a hot dog, chips and a soda.

In these tough economic times it's great to see that the race course is doing something like this. It's also a great idea seeing that we are having some very hot days upon us and if you are going to be outside all day it's best to keep yourself hydrated and now you can do so without spending quite as much money. Of course, I would choose the lemonade over the beer if you were to do that!

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