Last Friday during my vacation I took my daughter and a few friends to the Saratoga Race Track. It's always a fun day. We pack a cooler grab a few lawn chairs and head up. Half the fun for me is sharing the day with my daughter. She reads the program to me and pics her favorite name and I will put a few dollars on that horse then pick my favorite and bet it too. It's all for fun and really just a chance to share something I enjoy with her.

Well every once in a great while we like the same horse. This happened Friday. I can't remember which race it was right now but I know the horse and why both of us liked it. It's name was Big Blue Kitten which is the purr-fect(pun intended) name for a 8 year old girl to pick. So that was Ella's favorite of the day. I took a look at it and it was trained by Chad Brown and John Velazguez was the jockey, which is a awesome combo. These 2 together usually means a win. So I decide to go big. I never bet more then like $12 on a race but this one between Win, Place, Show and a Exacta I had a little over $30 on it. All of which would of won IF I HAD BET THE RIGHT HORSE! Yup I went up and placed all my bets putting the 3 horse in every bet. Only one problem, Big Blue Kitten was the 6 horse. I went from taking home a big pay day to kicking myself for making a dumb mistake.

The best part is my loving, wonderful and caring daughter beat me up over it. "Dad we said the 6 horse! Why in the world did you pick the 3?!" I said "You don't even know the difference." "Dad, I know we wanted Big Blue Kitten and that is NOT what you bet." Couldn't be mad at her for laughing at me it was pretty funny. Luckily for me I never bet what I can't afford to lose but man that would of been great to cash a few big tickets.

All in all we had a great day. The weather was nice, we had some good laughs(at my expense) and my daughter is now convinced she knows more about horses then I do. She's probably right too. Even got to see my buddy Steve Caporizzo. He's the one that took the pic of Ella and I. Good luck at the track everybody and make sure you say the right number when you get to the window. lol

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