About 10 years ago I met a handsome, charming, funny man named Sam Provenzano.  He was a great guy with a big heart but no boyfriend...  And frankly, he has never really had a boyfriend!  But why?  Well, maybe he was just waiting for an opportunity like this!

Or, maybe not!  But either way, i'm really proud that since I met him he has moved to Chicago, started his own business (Right Fit for You) continues to work hard for his community, and now has become a reality star!  And, I hope he finds true love on 'Finding Prince Charming' the record-breaking LOGO reality show.  It's the first of it's kind where a bachelor looks for a same-sex partner to spend his life with!

I'm totally on #TeamSam!

If you watched the first episode, not only did Sam not get kicked off! (Yay!) He also became the show's villian!  It's hilarious!

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Take a listen to Sam talking to Sean and me about what it's really like to be on a reality show -


Photo: Bethany (Sam doing what he does best... telling Bethany what to do!)
Photo: Bethany (Bethany and Sam)