True crime fans, if you don't already watch the channel Investigation Discovery, you're missing out. The Capital Region has been featured again and this time you can help find him!

You may remember the show "America's Most Wanted" with the host John Walsh. This show alone was the reason many of America's worst criminals were found by getting the word about them out there before the popularity of social media. The Capital Region was featured in a recent episode and they need your help to find "Zombie Mike."

News 10 reported that the Rotterdam crime was featured on John Walsh's new Investigation Discovery show "In Pursuit with John Walsh" on Wednesday night. The 2013 crime involved Michael "Zombie Mike" Hawkins who was accused to raping someone on two separate occasions, one of which the victim was wheelchair bound.

Rotterdam Police say that he has an arrest warrant out for him but he's somehow been able to evade police for the past almost six years. They're hoping this exposure of the case will get the name and picture back out there so that he can finally be caught.

Rotterdam Police have turned the case over to the US Marshalls so if you have any information, contact them at 1-877-926-8332, there is a $5000 reward for finding him. According to News 10, "Hawkins is described as being 5'9", weighing approximately 160 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes. He has a grim reaper tattoo on his chest, a scar on his face, and a scar on his arm."

You can watch the episode through the IDGo app or watch videos they featured through the Investigation Discovery website.

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