While I am well aware that anyone with an opinion is writing about this story, I just felt I could not let it go by without my 2 cents. This bad decision making by Rolling Stone magazine is just the latest example of a media that has just spun out of control,news in general has just become a bad parody of news.


All I could think about when I saw that they put a picture of the Boston bombing suspect on the cover was "NOOOO! Not you Rolling Stone!" If you are anything like me you remember the Dr. Hook song, "On the Cover Of The Rolling Stone" about a band that had everything they could ever want but would not be happy until they saw their faces on the cover. While it is a fun song, it exemplified what it meant to get on the cover of Rolling Stone, . It meant you were a "Rock Star" you made it!


This "man" is no rock star, he is less than human in most definitions. Why this magazine or any magazine would glorify his image , his name or his message is beyond me. They even went so far as to make him look good, almost as if he WERE a rock star. Really it looks like a "glamour shot". I saw someone else post something to the effect of, "Rolling Stone, I can show you a Teacher, a Cop, A Fireman, A Mother, A Father, etc. So many others far more deserving than this animal to be on the cover of your magazine." I could not have agreed more.

That is what our "news" sources and media have become now. It's no longer, "How can I bring important events to the people in an objective way?" now it's" How can we sensationalize and shock people so that we can be seen through all the fodder out there?"

All of this in an effort to make more money, well in this case, Rolling Stone, you went way too far. I do hope that nobody, ever buys even one single copy of this edition of the magazine.