When you park your car outside of your house, you have a false sense of security that it's safe, like you live in a tiny bubble that no one can get into. Well, I'm about to burst your bubble.

While going around Facebook, I found a video being shared by a woman named LeeMarie Towns from Rotterdam. She caught footage of a man on her property around 3:55 AM on Friday trying to break into her car. Luckily, he only tried to open what he thought may be an already unlocked door, was unsuccessful, and left.

She's also a member of the private Facebook group Rotterdam Watch (as am I) where other people have been reporting someone breaking into their car and stealing things lately. There's no evidence to connect all of the break-ins to this one person but it seems as if the people reporting car break-ins on this group left their cars unlocked which sounds similar to what this suspect's been accused of doing.

If you see this man or have any other cases of car break-ins in the Rotterdam area, please report them to the Rotterdam Police Department.

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