As we prepare for the new Rivers Casino to open up soon, the Schenectady police department anticipates some high volume traffic and thousands of pedestrians. We want you to be ready!

According to News 10 ABC, Rivers Casino will officially open it's doors on February 8. The Schenectady Police Department has made a public service announcement outlining traffic instructions for the opening weekend.

Apparently, the Schenectady PD wants visitors to not cross Erie Blvd. Also, to help reduce any traffic issues, the Schenectady police department wants casino visitors to car pool.

If you plan on traveling through Schenectady, to the casino or you live in the area please watch the video below. It has some valuable advice.

Getting a parking spot at first may be the hard part but once you're there. Let loose, have some fun and win some money! I can't wait to get down and shoot some craps.

If you're going next weekend, please drive safe!



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