I've always thought it was weird that we can choose to end our pets life to end their continued suffering from something horrible like cancer, but, then when we are watching a loved one with something so similar, we're helpless. Being the person suffering has to be even worse, so why has it been deemed illegal to help that process along when we've determined there won't be a positive result no matter what doctors attempt?

That's why I was intrigued when I saw that the "right-to-die" bill was returning to our New York legislation.

The bill states that it would require not one, but two physicians to certify that the patient is terminal to request life ending medications. However with that the physician could still refuse the request for whatever reason they choose. I do see the positive though in it becoming an option.

Having the opportunity to know that you could end your pain and suffering and allow your family the opportunity to say their goodbyes and grieve together.

An Assembly committee passed the bill last year, but it failed to get the votes with Legislation. Could this be the time?

What do you think of this bill? Would you be for it or against it?


Source: Kentucky.com

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