it must be bitter sweet for Jerry Jennings. It has to be tough to leave that position as Albany's mayor, but he has been there for over 20 years, and he deserves to relax.  (But not before he gets picked on one more time!!) 

Here's the song parody.    If you want the explanation, it's below (lyrics included)

 Mr Tan Man
  Lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved
 parody of Mr. Sandman

Mr Tan Man your the man of the hour

At city hall they rang bell tower
Always looked healthy-there's no disagreein
Can you share your tanning secrets with is and Kathy
Me Tanman this is the deal
take some vacations get a tan that's for real
It's a retirement you have earned
 Mr Tan man -led for  5 terms  wow
Jerry Jennings you were everyone's friend
You remade pearl Street- rebuilt the South End
We have to  admit it, the city looks much better
And in the spring kaching kaching a new convention center
We'll sure miss you
What a stellar career
Almost beat Corning
You served 20 years
Kathy has to fill large shoes
it just might help if she can get a tan too


photo by Richie Phillips

I've had the opportunity to meet Jerry Jennings several times.  We had them on the air, and I've also bumped into him once or twice. Here's one example – and one of our Alive at Five Events this past summer.

Can I honestly be a name dropper and say that I know him? Not really. I don't know him, but somehow after chewing the fat with him you feel like you do, and that was (and still is) his great appeal.    We always would kid him about his permanent tan, so I decided to include that in the song tribute.  I hope he gets the chance to hear this - knowing that it was done with the utmost respect for a great Albany leader. (Best of luck to incoming Mayor Kathy Sheehan.  I'm sure she will do just as well)