Many people have video on their phones, but face it - there's only limited room on your phone and it has no zoom (which oddly rhymes).  I wanted a dedicated camera for just shooting video.  Here's what I got:
This little thing is the Canon Vixia HFR 40.    It's a very capable camera that takes very high quality video (1080p, for you geeks).  You can read a full review from USA Today, but I wanted to tell you about a feature that I'm not used to seeing on a device costing less than $300.
photo canon vixia video camera
photo by Richie
It has WIFI on it.  Don't leave your phone home, by the way, because it's made to work with it.   With this camera, you can take video on it and then with their free app, you can upload the video to your phone or iPad, without transferring it to a computer at all.
Not only that, you can use your phone as a remote.  So you can set the camera up and use your phone to turn it on and off and zoom in and out.
Not only that!  - You can stream video LIVE to the phone, which is cool as well.   You can take a photo and shoot video at the same time apply effects to your shots.  It even has some internal memory as well in case your card fills up.
Here's some video that I shot this morning.  This was very quick and dirty.  I didn't adjust for inside shooting.  I'm sure I could have done better, but it gives you an idea.
So there's my review.  I will take it out for a test run this week on vacation.  If you get one, let me know and we can "geek out" together!

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