There's a lot of online shopping going on this Christmas season. Watch out! Scammers are everywhere.  I actually met one of them and got him to sing a duet with me as a punishment! 

Anti Government Protest Leader Gives Thai PM 2 Day Ultimatum Following Weekend Demonstrations
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This guy is evil, nasty, and has no conscience.  (He must have been a radio personality in a former life).  I took them into the studio and we sang this together – mostly as a warning to you folks that these people actually exist out there!

(Ok - actually the scammer was portrayed by our very own "Flounder" from WGNA. (He played it a little bit TOO well, don't you think?)

On a serious note, here is an article from "Take Charge America" that will give you tips on how to avoid holiday rip-offs.  Be careful out there!


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