Here we go again. Every time we turn around it seems scammers are trying new ways to steal our personal information. This time it's the Watervliet Police with a warning about scammers impersonating police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents over the phone.

How many times do we have to be warned about phone scammers trying to get our bank account, social security, and other personal numbers and information? This time they are more brazen. According to CBS 6 Albany, the Watervliet Police Department has been receiving many reports of scammers who are posing as Watervliet Police officers. They are also trying to impersonate Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

In many calls, Watervliet residents claim that scammers are posing as government officials demanding personal information and payment. If the callers refuse, they said that the scammers threaten them with being arrested or that they owe heavy fines. The calls also come from local phone numbers.

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Watervliet police and other law enforcement agencies remind you that they will never solicit money over the phone and never ask for personal information. If you feel as if someone has called you posing as any government official, you are to hang up and contact local police. Please remember to never give any personal information out over the phone to anyone that claims to be official.

During the pandemic with most of us either working from home or staying home, scammers are finding new ways to try and gain your personal information. If you have even the slightest inkling that something is wrong, immediately hang up and call your local law enforcement.

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