These people at the Adirondack Corvette Club LOVE their cars.  The only thing they're not thrilled about is having them parked on the Twin Bridges due to road construction.  I tried to ease their pain (and now possibly yours) with a little "construction sing-along".  Enjoy!

There must be a good, logical reason for closing the Northway IN BOTH DIRECTIONS during a busy commuting time.  I won't totally blast the D.O.T. here.  That would be unfair.  They're hard working people.

But I will blast them "tongue-in-cheek" using a classic Randy Travis song (who's getting blasted on his own for unrelated reasons, but we won't go there) .

Here's the parody, with great singing from the members of the Adirondack Corvette Club.


corvettes in Ramada parking lot

Special thanks to Bruce Beck and everyone there for a great time.  And condolences to everyone stuck in traffic!


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