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Take This Quiz to See How ‘Capital Region’ You Are
This morning on The Sean and Bethany Show we took your calls to help us make a list of all of the different things that people must do in the Capital Region.
I'm turning it into a challenge!  Give yourself one point for every one of the things on this list that you've done, then post y…
The Bridges Don't Lie
Producer Levack presented me with a challenge.  It was a great idea -Take the new Tim McGraw/ Taylor Swift hit and talk about the commuter interruption that we are experiencing around here in the Clifton Park area.   I love a challenge
Twin Bridges Update – Monday Delays
UPDATE , According to DOT, lane closures and delays continue on Monday Night with on-going unexpected construction on the Twin Bridges.  The construction was supposed to be finished by the morning commute, but problems have caused it to be closed most all day and night.  YNN reports that t…
Twin Bridges Construction – I87 Weekend Delays
The next six weekends will be full of headaches for people trying to get around the Albany Area. From I-87 (the Northway) to the overflow of traffic on Route 9, we all have to expect that it will take us a little longer to get around. Construction begins Friday, September 7, 2012 at 10pm on the Twin…