My inner '80s kid is pretty excited because the McDonald's Happy Meal is bringing back their retro toys. It is to celebrate the Happy Meal turning 40.I have so many fond memories of McDonald's Happy Meals growing up. I remember the toys being so cool. There were a ton of different ones and most of the time, we didn't know what we were going to get.

According to CNN, McDonald's has decided to bring back the fun of the retro toys in their Happy Meals to celebrate their 40th anniversary. My son, Ryan, will never understand the anticipation of which TY Beanie Baby you may get in your Happy Meal. But he can enjoy that he will get one of them in the retro Happy Meals. I may have to hijack his toys.

Look for McDonald's to re-release some of the most popular Happy Meal toys like the TY Beanie Babies' Patti the Platypus, the Tamagotchi, and Power Rangers. Get ready too for a "Surprise Happy Meal" that McDonald's will sell from Nov. 7 through the 11 that will also include some throwback toys.

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