A month ago I shared a story with you about a homeless man who through an internet video where a man gives him $1000 and a whole lot of love from people around the country got himself turned around and even got a place to live for a year. If you missed that story it really is a great one , just click here to see that video and story. Well now that man is paying it forward in his own video, it truly is amazing what can happen as the result of 1 kind act.

The homeless man from a month ago was Eric, a while back he was given $1000 and he used that big act of kindness to turn his life around , he got a hotel, he cleaned himself up, got some clothes and even found a job. While he was turning himself around without him knowing it people who were touched by his story were donating money to help him even more and he eventually got a house to live in for a year, complete with furniture.

Now just a month after that video was out, he has decided that now HE wants to help another guy find his way back into society with an act of kindness of his own. I love this video because at first the guy is really suspicious of the whole thing , he even wonders if he is going to wake up without a kidney. I also love that when Eric is just about to say something like "Hey you can use this to turn your life around" he stops and just says, "use it anyway you want, let's just get you out of the heat". I Love Eric!

I wonder how far this story can go?

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