The election is important, it's also very stressful.  It doesn't make things easier not knowing who the winner is and that we may not know for a while.  Part of me wishes we could just rip the damn band-aid off and announce a winner.  Whether it's Trump or Biden, I just want to know...the waiting sucks.  With that being said, I spent some time recently thinking about things in my life, that no matter who the President is, will not change.   While these are my thoughts and random musings, I hope that in some way shape or form, they resonate with you as well.  Regardless of who wins the election, these things will never change or be taken away from you.  Relax- take a deep breath - we can't control everything.  And it's gonna be okay.

  • Your dog is still gonna run to the door to greet you with their tail wagging, ready to show you how much they missed you.
  • Your kids are still going to complain that they're hungry, want more snacks, and that there's no food in the house.
  • You always have a best friend who who texts you "It's a crime to pay more than a dime!"
  • Someone is planning a date night for just the two of you
  • Your boss is still going to be a pain in the a** and demand more more more.
  • Your mom or dad feel proud that they raised you to be the person you are.
  • You're still going to overpay for coffee.
  • Traffic on the Northway is always gonna be slow, Hoosick Street in Troy is always going to be a sh*t show, and people are going to forget how to drive during the first snow storm we get.
  • You'll never be able to spell "Schaghticoke."
  • You'll never feel like you're paid what you're worth.
  • A little person is going to reach up for your hand when they walk alongside next to you.
  • You're never more than a mile or two away from a Stewart's milkshake.
  • People on one side of the Hudson will always talk trash about people who live in the other side.
  • Health care workers at our local hospitals still risk their lives to save yours.
  • A sunset on Lake George is as beautiful as any place in the country.
  • Our first responders will always show up when you need them.
  • New Yorkers are still going to pay way too much in taxes.
  • Baseball fields are perfect.
  • State workers are always going to get more time off than you do.
  • A piece of you will die when Guptill's closes for the season.
  • Someone who you know is probably not well,  and is waiting for you to ask how they're doing.
  • Nothing tops the smell of wings from the Ruck when they're brought to your table.
  • You still have a group of friends that likes to bust balls and gamble with you on the golf course.
  • Wine shops will stay open late, and nobody cares how much or little you spent on it.
  • There's a Grammy and Papa who spoils your kid wayyyy more than they ever spoiled you.
  • There's a flower shop that will arrange a cheap, pretty bouquet for you to give "just because."
  • Cancer f*cking sucks
  • It's still free to draw someone a cute picture or leave a handwritten note.
  • A sister or brother reminds you of something from your childhood that makes you laugh out loud at how insane your family is.

Regardless of the results, let the politicians defeat each other, not you....

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