I'm not a big fan of spreading gossip, but then again, we have to keep up on what's trending this week, and this happens to be number 1 this morning, so here goes.

I guess actress Reese Witherspoon and husband were arrested in Atlanta.  Her husband, Jim Toth was pulled over on April 19th for alleged drunk driving. She was in the car and, from what I gather got pretty testy with the police officer, demanding to get out of the car and "stand on American ground".  She also accused the cop of not being one!  Here's the story from E news.


Sorry, but I don't have sympathy for any celebrity who throws in the "you don't know who I am" comment.  They're no better than anyone else when it comes to the law.  Unfortunately, they use better lawyers.

Final Suspicious Comment

They were in town to film her new movie, "The Good Lie".  I'm always slightly suspicious that celebrities do outrageous things right around the time movies are coming out to get on "Entertainment Tonite", and TMZ and all of those.  Possible?  You decide!




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You can read more of the story on CNN.com