I think I'm starting a new feature: Is It Real Or Fake? Every week, I'll feature something that I see on the internet and you tell me if it's on the level or not. Here's a great example: a dog who can balance on a rope.

An acrobatic dog? Maybe in a circus, but could you teach this to your basic every day hound? I'm not sure. I'm asking the question here, folks.  Could this dog have invisible wires under him being pulled from above out of frame? Is this something that's done with photographic trickery or fancy, fancy software of some kind? I know it's been done with "talking dogs" obviously,  but I've stared at this video multiple times and I can't figure it out.

Take a close look yourself and you let me know if I'm just being skeptical or if I have reason to be.

OK, you've seen it – what do you think? Real or fake? Please leave your answer in the comments. Maybe we'll read the funny ones on the air!