I couldn't have done this alone.  There was help from a lot of Facebook folks on this little song, and I really appreciate it.   Now onto the song for the Albany County town of  Ravena, NY 

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Let's not waste any time here and get right to the song, but special thanks to Salina Dell, Tracy Douglas, Jean Lafalce, Stehanie D'esposito, Lisa Schmitt, Digital Debbie, Marlene McTigue, Melanie Potter, Melinda Borcsok, Carrie Mahler, Jim Youmans, Ashley Irwin, Lisa Firstiun-Fabe, Kim Sebert, Karin Stickles, Cassi Stanley, Jim Latter, Serena Alderson, and Brian Phillips (no relation), Leandra Mae, John Good, Moose Misuraca, Devon Montelone and others!

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My Ravena 
new lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved
My Ravena
(a town that aint too large)
it's the home
(of a Cement plant called Lafarge)
it's in Albany County
real fine folks live there
(f your a local )
last  names you will know
all related to  Persico
the dunkin donuts is the only chain that you're likely to  find there
If you live in Oak Brook Manor Apartments-you're in luck
Unless for some unknown reason - you can't stand ducks
all the folks are nice
two working traffic lights
3 gas stations and 4 banks
Ravena we love you
Village yard sale it's chock full
The Friendship Festival
Fori's store and so much more
Ravena you're so cool
(the village pool)
Some high school kids still gloat
about what they did with post it notes
I'd tell you more but I've gotta go
on the Sean and Richie Show
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