I don't know what the punishment is for something like this, but in my opinion - if found guilty - the judge should add a decade to whatever the sentence is.  A woman in Upstate New York is facing animal cruelty charges after she allegedly gave a lethal dose of heroin to a 6-week-old puppy.  To make matters worse, the alleged animal abuser filmed the puppy high from the drugs in a video so disturbing, authorities have decided not to share it with the public.

Police have arrested 26-year-old Nicole Holland from Fulton, NY (30 miles north of Syracuse) who according to a report in the New York Post, "allowed a 6-week-old puppy in her care to ingest a lethal amount of heroin."

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The Post is reporting that Holland admitted to troopers she saw the young pup named  Champ "lick some of the drug off a pink plate before she snorted the rest with a straw."

To make matters worse, authorities claim that Holland started recording a video of the poor little doggy while he may have been suffering.  State police got wind of the video and they launched the investigation which ultimately led to her arrest.

According to the report, "Champ’s breath turned shallow...and his stomach began to bloat."   Authorities say that Holland eventually got the pup to throw up the drugs and even though Champ did start breathing normally again, the damage was apparently done.  

The Post explained that Holland didn't take the Miniature Doberman Pinscher to the vet and sadly, the 6-week-old didn't survive the night.

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