hurricane irene

Frankenstorm for Halloween? Could the Albany Area See a Hurricane?
We reported yesterday that we could see a hurricane hit a cold front and merge with a Nor'easter thus producing a snowy hurricane. Good news - doesn't look like we'll be getting any snow. Bad news - it looks like we could see a great deal of rain and wind. We have the updated details …
Sarah Goodrich From [AUDIO]
Schoharie still needs your help! Sarah Goodrich stopped by the Sean and Richie Show to let us know how to help the people of Schoharie who are still recovering from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.
Top 10 GNA Stories of 2011
As another year draws to a close we all begin to reflect on what happened in 2011 and with that we were inspired to see what the biggest stories on were - and by biggest we mean the most read. Out of the hundreds of stories we published, Hurricane Irene was clearly dominant and you were ve…
Schoharie Area To Get Help From Letterman Tonight
The Albany Area did a wonderful job of coming together to help out our friends and neighbors in need after the flooding from Tropical Storm Irene, but some people still need much more help to get back to 'normal.'  Tonight, our little village of Schoharie will get some big help from a…

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