Hydrofracking is an extremely hot topic right now.  Everyone's mentioning it.  That has to be the first word out of peoples' mouths at cocktail parties all over New York State!  The heck with Charlie Sheen.  He's page 16 news now! According to the Albany Times Union, there were about 450 people in Albany this week to lobby against the practice.  Do you not know what hydrofracking is?  Come on!  Are you living under a pile of --uhh-shale or something?  The TU describes it this way:

Horizontal Hydrofracking  delivers a high-pressure mix of water, chemicals and sand to free natural gas trapped in shale formations deep underground.

I was being sarcastic, by the way.  I had no idea what it was either.   But apparently, we're in the minority here.  Everyone I asked around the radio ranch seemed to know what it was!  It actually made me chuckle, to be honest.  Not the issue, mind you.  That's pretty serious.  But the word "hydrofracking" is just a funny word. It almost borders on pig latin.   It also sounds like a  line  from Monty Python or something!   And it also COULD be misconstrued for something else as well.  We won't go there.

A pump attendant fills up a car with gas

Actually, we'll sort of go there as I tried this morning to harness these emotions in song.  Actually, I looked at the word Hydro-Fracking, and the first thing that came into my head was the song "Oh My Darlin', Oh My Darlin', Oh My Darlin' Clementine.  Don't even ask me how that happened.  But I ended up going with it.

So I present to you the Hydro-Fracking Song  (clever name, huh?)

I guess this proves once again that on the Sean and Richie Show no subject is totally sacred!

What do you think of the whole subject?  What's more important-cheap gas or clean water?  Let me know!!!

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