We seemingly had an amazing 2016 when it came to gas prices. At a certain point recently it was possible to find a gallon for around $2. That may not stay the same.

I personally don't pay attention too much to gas prices as you really can only save at most a nickel or a dime per gallon. Usually you sacrifice quality in saving that dime. Plus say you find it for $2.40 instead of $2.50, you are saving at most around $2. Either way I'm sure you noticed gas has been a little bit more expensive recently. That isn't due to the holiday season and travelling. It is because prices are expected to soar not just in the Capital Region but also nationwide in 2017.

According to News Channel 13 and Gas Buddy, Americans will spend in total $52 billion on gas this year. On top of that some of the most densely populated areas will see $3 per gallon first. NYC being one of them. This would make me assume that we will see a hefty hike a few hours upstate as well. I hope that to be a false assumption.

News Channel 13 also stated that an expert said "Low prices are bad for business", which is obvious and why we can only hope that the gasoline gods aren't greedy.

The last time I filled up I looked up for the first time in a while at the price and saw $2.55. I literally said out loud, well it was good while it lasted. How much did you spend on a gallon the last time you got gas?

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