Holiday weekends are usual spike times for gas stations, I mean hey wouldn't you do the same if you were them? Either way though, prices are lower than they have been in recent years.

This time last year the national average for a gallon of gas was roughly about $2.40. Worlds away better than a few years ago when we hovered around $4.00. We are now at an average of $2.21 nationwide! Being Labor Day weekend with people traveling to camp or make that last summer vacation you would tend to believe prices would skyrocket but they haven't. We can all honestly thank the gasoline gods for that!!

I recall when I bought my car in 2012 it took around $40 to fill and It just broke me. Now if I find the right place it only takes about $22-$24 to fill her up. So what this hopefully means is that we can now do some driving throughout Vermont and the rest of New England this fall to see the beautiful foliage!