Hydrofracking has been one of the most recent controversial issues in New York State government.

I’m sure that you’ve heard about it - It’s a process that can be used to extract natural gas from shale rock by drilling into the ground, and injecting Water, sand and chemicals.

On YNN, I saw a story about how landowners haven’t had a say as to whether or not hydrofracking can be done on their property. With all the groups against it, the property owners voice was basically drown out, and gotten lost in the fight.

One dairy farmer from Otsego County attended a couple of town meetings, but she doesn’t think that her message was heard because of the very vocal and boisterous group that’s dead set against drilling. There’s a group called the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, whose members are mostly farmers. They have stated that property owners in New York State “have a right to the timely development of property and private property." Because JLC is mostly farmers and the original environmental stewards, why wouldn’t they be the choice to make sure that the gas companies that want to drill, would do so responsibly?

We have a large number of farms around the Albany area. I thought about how this could benefit a large numbers of those communities financially.