Do you understand how they determine the price of gasoline?  What a coincidence - me neither!   I started to look into this (showing again that I have no life).  Here's what I found out, just to make your day more pleasant

I googled "Exxon" to go right to the top with my question, and I found this site - Exxon .  You can read the whole thing if you have no life like me, but I thought I would give you the "Cliff Notes"

Over 12% of  your money it goes to taxes alone according to this article and the Energy Information Administration

Another 10% goes to marketing ( did you ever think about that?  We pay for them to make up  TV and print advertisements to convince us to buy MORE so we can pay ANOTHER 10% for more ads and round and round it goes, but that's the way all companies work come to think of it

And 80% or so goes just for the crude oil itself.  Well, I guess you can expect that, but we don't realize just how dependent we are for oil around the globe for us to refine enough of it to produce what we need.  They say that if a gallon were to cost $3.27, at least $2.62 of that price is already set before we even get to it.

So actually, it really isn't that shocking.  It's not like the money is being wasted or misused.  You always pay money for marketing.  Taxes are taxes, just as inevitable as 'buying the farm".

It's our dependence on the dark gooey stuff that's killing us.  We need to hydrofrack.  (I just love saying that word.  I love it so much, I wrote a song about it!)

Do you believe in hydrofracking?  Would you sacrifice the environment so we can have lower prices?  Would love to know your thoughts