Every girl hopes that some day when she is finally proposed to (hopefully by the guy she wants to marry), the proposal is original, well planned, and well done.  Of course, no matter what, if it's the guy she wants to spends the rest of life with, she is going to say "yes" no matter what!  But still, for the guy, he wants it to be a moment she won't ever forget -- at least until the wedding itself. 

Whether everything goes as planned is one thing, but a creative tactic and of course effort, I believe, deserve the most weight or at least a "yes."  A guy by the name of Matt came up with an original plan and mapped it out flawlessly.  He wanted his proposal to his girlfriend, Ginny, to be shared publicly and, did more than that!  Not only did he ask his future father-in-law's permission, but he also got Ginny's brother and her friends in on the proposal as well. 

Check it out.  It's a real tear jerker:

Matt's proposal was very clever and well played by everyone he had help from.  Huge props to Ginny's brother, Michael, for doing such a superb filming and editing job on the final product.  Not only did Matt carry out the proposal publicly, but his proposal has had over 700,000 views on YouTube.

What did you think?  What was your favorite part?

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