Weddings are expensive. Wouldn't it be nice to trade your way into a nice wedding venue? Well, that's exactly what one groom-to-be is trying to do in Queensbury.

Grafton Derryberry is a big fan of "The Office" and that's where he got the idea to trade his wan into a great wedding venue.

If you're not familiar with the episode "Art of the Swap" here's the basic breakdown...Dwight goes to the company garage sale with a thumbtack and is going to trade his way to get the best item at the garage sale. Of course, Jim pulls a prank and hilarity ensues.

Well, according to Spectrum News, Grafton from Queensbury is trying to do the same thing. He's started with a simple thumbtack and traded it for a hunting knife, then for an antique radio, a go-kart, and finally up to a motorcycle.

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The motorcycle needed some work but now is up and running and worth about $3,000. He's ready to take the next trade, but so far most people only want to offer him money for the motorcycle. If you're interested in trading with Derryberry, contact him via Facebook.

Ironically, this is exactly how he "bought" his fiancies engagement ring. He started with a bicycle and traded his way all the way up to a great ring.

Trading challenges like this have been popping up online on social media platforms like Tik Tock and Facebook with one person starting with a red paperclip and trading all the way up to a house.

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